Teena is Passionate 

Teena became a licensed massage therapist in 2010 after a career  in banking regulation.  Always interested in natural health and how the body functions, Teena has been studying natural modalities and scientific discoveries since the 1990's.  You will find some of her favorite books and recommendations in this site. 


  • FSM -Recently discovering Resonance treatments, Teena is a Frequency Specific Microcurrent Practitioner.

  • Teena is a Certified Posture Exercise Specialist and can help you strengthen your posture and balance.

  • A former certified trainer for a 25 hour essential oils curriculum, Teena continues to share information about aromatherapy with true therapeutic grade oils.

  • Teena specializes in treating TMJ issues, and can help you understand how to unwind some of the postures and repetitions of the work day.

  • Teena earned Certified Nutrition Counselor designation from Trinity College of Natural Health in early 2019.


Come ​meet Teena and allow her to help you with ways to approach your aches, pains, and discomforts.

Teena Johnson