• Teena Johnson

Acorn Abundance? New Gluten Free Food?

Here is an interesting find... Who knew this about acorns? YOU CAN EAT THEM!

Ancient peoples ate them. They knew exactly what is edible and how to use it- they even knew to save Lewis and Clark from Scurvy with pine needle tea!

Of course, there is a process to prepare acorns and they taste bitter if not soaked. Other nuts taste better if soaked first too.

The bitterness is likely caused by an enzyme inhibitor that needs to deteriorate prior to the seed being able to germinate and grow. All seeds have an enzyme inhibitor- that is why it is recommended to soak raw nuts prior to eating them- to make them more digestible.

For grains, this is called "sprouting" - removing the enzyme inhibitor. The enzyme inhibitor keeps the seed from growing too soon it needs to grow when it has the best chance of survival. Enzyme inhibitors can get in the way or our digestion too.

Here may be the new gluten free flour that many people need.... AND many people do not use pesticides on their Oak trees so they may be organic to boot!

Anyway- I thought I would share this while we are out raking up the leaves and acorns!

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