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Hips Happy?

Updated: May 15, 2020

I see a lot of clients who have had replacement parts installed. We are all grateful that we have access to some tremendous medical technologies such as shown in this hip replacement video.


What if it were possible to keep our joints healthy and avoid such extensive surgery?

What we would need to aim for is to allow the musculature to be balanced in strength and length such that the ball of the femur fits into the center of the "cup" or acetabulum, or socket into which it fits. This "centering" of the ball allows for a more even friction on the linings of the joint and minimizes damage through use.

This balance and centering holds true for other important joints as well, the shoulder (the most flexible and also the most prone to injury) and the knee are both joints that are often replaced.

Massage and proper diet and exercise can go far in helping you to preserve your precious joints! They and YOU are indeed precious!

And YES diet plays a role! Researchers are showing indisputably that inflammatory foods, such as sugar and near sugars play a significant role in weakening our immune system and increasing our experience of pain.

I am sure I sound like a broken record on this topic too- Water and Minerals. We tend to be chronically dehydrated- this causes several issues- including muscle adhesion and inability to relax. The body is pre-programmed to be very careful to save both water and minerals for the function of the brain- thus, muscle weakness, cramping, or stiffness may be the first apparent symptoms of mineral shortages and dehydration. The array of minerals that we need to consume for health is not always present in the soils in which our foods grow... or not in the amounts that allow us to get what we need.

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