• Teena Johnson

Hydration- in the Heat and ALWAYS!

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Hydration and minerals are always important. In the heat it becomes more critical to maintain hydration and mineral levels- particularly electrolytes and CRITICALLY, Magnesium. Water and minerals seem to go together!

Hydration! In the heat, we sweat and as we sweat, we lose some of our minerals- that's why sweat tastes salty, We lose mineral as we exercise as well, and at the same time, we are losing our water. You know that in the winter cold, our breath is seen as a puff of steam leaving our mouths; well, in the summer we are transpiring water in a similar way- even if we are not sweating.

Clean Pure Water
The general rule is to drink 1 oz water for each 2 lb body weight. More if exercise, extreme temps or ill.

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