• Teena Johnson

The 10 best natural solutions for a sore back

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

1.) Primary in any health solution is usually water! Most of us do not drink nearly enough to keep our bodies and brains functioning. Remember that we are made of sticks, fabrics, and tubes... these tissue layers need cleaning and there must be a river to float the groceries to the cells!

2.) My favorite treatment for a sore back or other muscles, would be magnesium- topical magnesium. I use a high quality line, Ancient Minerals, that tests for purity. Magnesium does many things that I can't explain here, but it is necessary for muscles to relax. Magnesium will help the flow of fluids to nutrient and cleanse the sore tissues. Use it as a nutrient rather than a pain relief, most of the population is already deficient in magnesium.

3.) Essential Oils- Peppermint, Aroma Seize, Copaiaba, Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens) and others. Be sure that you select therapeutic quality oil. I use Young Living, because they have the Seed to Seal assurance of quality. Extensive testing to assure that the molecules that are needed are in the oil and those unwanted ones are not, plus they own or partner with MANY farms to control from seed selection to harvest and build their own distillation equipment on site to assure proper distillation technique for each particular plant type.

4.) Tumeric Forte- an anti-inflammatory herbal from Medi Herb. There are lots of tumeric supplements out there, some are simply not absorbed or utilized by the body. Ask me about it when you come in for your massage.

5.) Cannabis products with cannabinol molecules. These come in topical and oral forms. Again, CBD products abound these days. QUALITY is ALWAYS key!


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