• Teena Johnson

What Stress? I Got NO Stress.

Updated: May 15, 2020

Many of us think of the world struggles, the people we know, and the problems experienced all around us, and conclude that we have no right to say we are stressed out!

Well----- SURPRISE!!!----

YOU ARE stressed out!

People and all other animals were given a stress response system as a survival tool. At creation, there were predators and prey- literally... another creature might have you for a meal! So- we either got away - or we never got stressed again!

In this day and age, the stresses are continuous AND they are not from the threat of literally being eaten, but of all the degradation and disregard of others that we experience in our day. We FEEL like we are being eaten!

Whether it is traffic and the loony drivers-- who somehow have a license but appear to have never been to driving school---- to our financial security in the times of fast changing technology and mergers and failures of organizations... there are of course many more things that provide a source of stress in our life... BUT ...

Have you ever thought about what is going on inside the body?

I LOVE this video from Paul Anderson, a Science Teacher in Bozeman, Montana; which shows you what that little adrenaline molecule actually does... it may be at the root of a number of our modern chronic "illnesses".

It is 6 minutes and will make you more aware of the complexities of your emotions on your body functions...The intro is impressive!

When you realize that we do not get away from our "daily tigers" all that easily, you may start to understand why we need to ease our stress response where possible... massage, nutrition, laughing, spiritual growth, all increase our ability to mount a healthy response to stress.

Enjoy the video and please support him if you can, to keep him teaching others, he is fabulous..

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